Kitchen Inroduction
Bécasse Philosophy on Food

When it comes to writing the menus and choosing the ingredients for Bécasse our philosophy is very simple. We choose only the freshest of ingredients allowing the seasons to advise our selections. We strongly believe in starting the food preparation each day from scratch, we begin at the fish markets where we gather our inspiration for the day’s menus. The chefs at Bécasse will only choose the freshest, most vibrant fish on offer, and will not be influenced by trends and fads.

At Bécasse we are in constant contact with our suppliers who assist us in selecting the finest ingredients whether they be local or interstate. Once the produce reaches the kitchen at Bécasse the rest is simple, as when one starts with such quality produce, all you need is understanding and respect. We let the ingredients speak for themselves. We want the flavours to be heightened, deep and true without being confused or muddled. The style of cuisine at Bécasse is based on French tradition and a depth of classic technique with a modern innovative European feel.

The chefs at Bécasse are taught to taste and think, without these two basic skills we are nothing…
If everybody likes everything you do then you have become too safe, too boring, too common…